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I replaced my SKAA transmitter but no sound comes out of my SKAA speaker.  What's going on?

When you introduce a new transmitter into your SKAA system, you may have to tell your speakers to stop looking for your old transmitter.  You can accomplishing this by simply double clicking the Bond button.


My Diz Transmitter was working perfectly, but after updating my iPhone or iPad, it quit working, why?

It's always a good idea to factory reset your SKAA speakers when you begin trouble shooting.  This can be accomplished by six-clicking the Bond button and restarting your iDevice.  If that doesn't solve the problem, you may require a replacement Diz.

If your Diz quit working after you upgraded to iOS 11, iOS 12 or iOS 13 we can help you with that!  Contact us through our form and make sure that "Diz for New iOS" is the first line of the MESSAGE section. We will respond to you with instructions on how you can ship us your broken Diz. If you purchased your Diz through, we will replace it with a new, working Diz, free of charge. If you purchased your Diz anywhere else, please send us a note through our form and let us know what happened.  We’ll see if we can help out.

My Korus speaker stopped working with my SKAA transmitter, why?

If performing a factory reset on your Korus speaker (six-clicking the Bond Button) did not solve the problem, search your device for the "Korus Volume Control" app.  If it is present on your device, delete it.  Due to a lack of updates to the Korus App, it will sometime hijack your transmitter, resulting in your audio being routed nowhere.  If you are looking for all the features the Korus Volume Control app used to provide, check out our app, SKAA cmd.  It was developed by our team and is updated regularly.

Why isn't my Izabella transmitter working?

Due to Izabella's age, it is our only transmitter that actually requires SKAA cmd to be installed and running in the background.  Make sure you have downloaded SKAA cmd and opened it, then try plugging Izabella in and using it again.

Why can't I get SKAA cmd to work with my TV transmitter?

SKAA cmd only works with certain transmitters since it requires direct communication lines with the transmitter.  Currently, our SKAA cmd app runs on iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Windows. We do not have a SKAA cmd app for smart TVs yet.