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  • The SKAA cmd app

    You don't need it to use SKAA, however you can unlock even more if you want to! SKAA cmd gives you the ability to add custom names to your speakers, headphones and transmitters. Our SKAA cmd app lets you see at a glance what devices are Bonded and playing.

  • Dive deeper into SKAA

    It allows you to control each receiver’s volume individually, or all together. SKAA cmd provides you with options like telling a speaker to play stereo, mono, left or right audio and more! Download the app today on your app store!

  • For iPhone and Mac

    If you’ve got a Diz, Gemma, Ursula, Izabella or Cassandra transmitter, we highly recommend this app. Customize your speakers, headphones and transmitters by giving them quirky, eccentric names.

    Download from app store 
  • For Andriod

    Know at a glance what devices are bonded and playing. Control each receiver’s volume individually, or all together. Set up whether each is playing stereo, mono, left or right audio. SKAA cmd has all that and more.

    Download for Android 
  • For Windows

    Control USB transmitters from a PC.

    Download for Windows 
  • SKAA Transmitter Guide

    Download the SKAA Transmitter guide, included inside is documentation for all SKAA Transmitters

    SKAA Transmitter Guide 
  • SKAA cmd App Guide

    Download the user guide for the only app you don't need! SKAA CMD is available for iPhone and Android

    SKAA CMD Guide 
  • SKAA Receiver Guide

    Download our SKAA receivers guide and unlock incredible features included in your SKAA receiver

    SKAA Receiver Guide 
  • Troubleshooting Guide

    The purpose of this guide is to provide answers to frequently asked questions when using SKAA products for the first time.

    SKAA Troubleshooting Guide