SKAA cmd App

The app you don't really need

Available for download now!


Mac OS 10.15

Windows 10

What is the SKAA cmd app?

SKAA cmd gives you the ability to add custom names to your speakers, headphones and transmitters.  It lets you see at a glance what devices are Bonded and playing. It allows you to control each receiver’s volume individually, or all together.  And, SKAA cmd provides you with options like telling a speaker to play stereo, mono, left or right audio and more!  SKAA cmd is available for Mac OS X, Windows, iOS and Android and works with these five transmitters:


SKAA cmd Walkthrough


  1. Click a receiver’s name to change it to something more interesting

  2. Click a green bond block to set audio channel routing:
    • Left
    • Right
    • Mono
    • Stereo

    Not all of these options are enabled on all receivers

  3. Click a speaker icon to Mute & Unmute; you can tell that a receiver is muted when the speaker icon is flashing and the slider has lost all of its color

  4. More than one green bond block means this is a Cluster; check out the SKAA Receiver User’s Guide to learn more about Clusters.

  5. Change just this receiver’s volume by dragging this slider.

  6. Each one of these bays shows one SKAA receiver or Cluster which has bonded to your transmitter

  7. Customize your transmitter’s name by clicking in it

  8. Click here to set the transmitter’s power mode:
    • Red = On
    • Grey = Off
    • White = On only when there is audio

    The vertical bar in the icon means the transmitter is on

  9. Click this triangle to mute all receivers at once; but click each speaker icon individually to get them playing again

  10. This master volume slider affects all receivers bonded to this transmitter